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Holiday Week in Grantown on Spey - June 14th - 18th, 2010.

About to leave the car park at Choire Chas, June 15th.
The striking flowers of Dwarf Cornel.
Searching vegetation alongside the Allt a Choire chas.
A scarse orchid, the Lesser Twayblade is always hard to find hiding beneath the heather canopy.
Frequent stops for ID discussions on the path across the base of the Northern Corries.
Above 800m. the Mountain Azalea becomes more noticeable in the mix of Ericaceous plants.
The headwall of Choire an Lochan, with evidence of recent avalanches.
Watching Dotterel near the top of Lurchers Crag.
The cryptic summer plumage of the Ptarmigan, barely visible at 3m. distance.
The Dingy Skipper, a very scarse butterfly in its stronghold in the Culbin Forest, June 16th.
Common Wintergreen (Pyrola minor), one of the rarer plants at Culbin.
Lunch at a dragonfly pool
A Four Spotted Chaser recently hatched at one of the dragonfly pools at Culbin.
Betty Smith conducts operations to catch dragons and damsels
A Tiger beetle, frequently found on the forest floor.
Red Squirrel in the Abernethy Forest, June 17th.
A hen Redstart near to nest at L. Mallachie.
Loch Mallachie, where nest boxes on islands have attracted breeding Goldeneye.
A female Goldeneye and family.
Woodland and crags above the Uath lochans, June 18th.
Jackie amongst the ferns.
A male Bordered White Moth, common this year in all Pine forests. Its caterpillar, the Pine Looper, is occasionally a serious pest.
Flowering sundew (Drosera rotundifolia), widespread in peat bog pools.
The discarded exoskeleton (exuvia) of a Common Hawker dragonfly, above a sphagnum covered pool..
Photographing emerging dragonflies in a small Uath lochan.
Exuvia of the Four Spotted Chaser.
The very rare Northern Emerald : a female, breeds only in the west central Highlands.
Eyelash fungus.
Tree pipit.
Wood mouse.
Photographs: Tom Delaney, Susan Crowther, Joan McNaughton , Alastair McNaughton, Neville Crowther and Ian McCallum
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