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Journal 2015/16

Journal 2015/16 Deadline - 15th October 2015

Edinburgh Natural History Society Journal
Submission guidelines
The deadline for 2015 is 15th October, unless your article includes reports and data up to the year end. In these cases, please aim to submit by mid-January 2015, or earlier if at all possible. Let me know if that is not possible.

If you intend to submit an article, please let me know as soon as possible.

Please submit meeting/excursion reports and observations throughout the year. Short notes about an observation over a period of time, such as trends in your local patch or garden, interactions between species or a question you have puzzled over add interest and arouse curiosity, eg:

Recently, some members took a closer look at some arable weeds, dead nettles, and concluded that they were looking at five species and four of them were red.

Dick Hunter often asked how does a spider dangling on a thread of gossamer manage to zoom up it so quickly? According to the Biology of Spiders, the spider uses its first two pairs of legs to climb and the next pair to gather up the gossamer, all the while having it's spinnerets at the ready in case it needs to go down again. I wonder if he ever found the answer? Dick would have loved the Internet. 

Most Word-like files can be read, including Microsoft Works; use the font and size that you are comfortable working with.
Indicate date, location and leader's name at beginning of reports. 
At the end add the author's name and acknowledgements, if applicable.
Articles may have minor alterations to fit space allowance and organism names are checked for accuracy.

Hand drawn, black on white paper
Black and white photographs
Colour photographs for cover and colour pages, certain photographs with articles may be converted to black and white for printing if sufficient definition can be retained.
Photographs from social media sites (Facebook and Yahoo) may be used.

Word counts – these are for guidance 
  • Full day excursions - 500-750 words.
  • Part day excursions - up to 500 words.
  • Articles - up to 2000 words, please notify editor in advance.
  • Short notes/observations - up to 200 words.

  • By email to edinburghnats@gmail.com (preferred); please enter title or excursion location and date in the subject box.
  • If you want to submit by post please email for details.
Journal Editor
Edinburgh Natural History Society

White ermine mothWhite ermine moth (Spilosoma lubricipeda).
Photograph: J. McNaughton.

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