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ENHS welcomes Edinburgh Biodiversity Action Plan


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ENHS are pleased to be a partner contributing to the Edinburgh Biodiversity Action Plan. The latest plan was launched on 24th May at the Botanics.

Wilma Harper ENHS President spoke at the launch recognising the Society‘s heritage of 150 years.

Edinburgh is a hub both geographically with a unique range of habitats in the city. It’s also a centre of expertise with many of the groups contributing to the plan. Connecting people and places is a key theme if the plan.

The Nats encourage people to look at all aspects of biodiversity from rusts to roe deer. Getting to know your local patch can be particularly rewarding.

In 1869 we were called a Naturalists Field Club and science through observation remains core. On outings more eyes see more things. We look listen and learn.

Finally being part of a group whether a club or a society or a friends group brings people together and enhances the benefits from connecting with nature through shared experiences.

ENHS is delighted to be a part of the Edinburgh Biodiversity Action Plan for 2019-2021.

The plan can be downloaded from the City of Edinburgh Council website, www.edinburgh.gov.uk/downloads/file/12457/edinburgh_biodiversity_action_plan_2019-2021

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