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Most of us are confined to quarters apart from essential shopping and the daily exercise walk in your local patch. This Saturday - 4th April 2020 - was going to be our first summer field trip. A prime time to spend a short time each week looking at nature in a more structured way and perhaps follow the progression of the seasons.

There are simple guidelines; stick to the Government and NHS guidelines for protecting yourself and others during the COVID-19 outbreak and go on a local walk and observe the changes.

Either 1. choose one thing that has just become active eg a rowan shoot and photograph it each week and post on that week's field trip Facebook posting or choose something new each week that has just become active and post on that week's field trip Facebook posting.

Try and choose something different from other posters and give an approximate location. Think about creating some kind of display or talk about your findings for the next Members' Night, whenever that may be.

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