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(This event has already taken place)

Stirling view


A walk through the landscape of Dunblane area. Setting off from the station the route will take us to several natural habitats in ancient Dunblane and along the Darn Road to Bridge of Allan. Bridge of Allan has plenty of refreshment spots and will be our point of return to Edinburgh.

If you plan to travel by another route please register so that we can expect to meet you. The train to Dunblane should arrive at approximately 10.38; note times and stations may be altered for planned railway works.

*WARNING* The walk around Dunblane will be mostly on made up paths with some slopes, up and down. The Darn Road is a challenging walk. There is a long section where the path is composed of uneven cobbles, water and stretches of mud. It may deteriorate if there is prolonged rainfall in the two weeks prior to the field trip. If you are not confident about this walk consider remaining in Dunblane to explore this very interesting City; you can return directly to Edinburgh or meet up with the rest of the group in Bridge of Allan. Please ask if you are not sure what to do.

Check advice page for field trip guidelines. Consider carrying a stick/trekking pole to help negotiating some rough ground or when leaving a path.

The Basics

Dunblane by Train *CANCELLED*

Waverley Station ready to depart to Dunblane on 0949 train.

Leader: Erica Bright.

Assistant Leader: Sarah Adamson.

map showing location of venue