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Heron by Cammo ruin



Dorothy Lyle is hoping to set up a moth trap overnight, to be confirmed. The plan is to start by looking at the trap then walking the Butterfly transect that she does which basically follows the perimeter of the estate. We will look at the new planting and management of the area on the way round. After that have lunch beside the house and then explore/let people wander in the canal/low meadow/walled garden area.

Those wanting to do something more energetic in the afternoon have the option of joining Wilma Harper to walk along the River Almond, a walk of about 4K.

Attending outings during Covid-19 pandemic

What will this mean? we won't be able to gather closely around something of interest – you can take a photo and post it on Facebook group. Consider writing about it for the Newsletter or Journal

You are responsible for the well-being of yourself and others only attend if not feeling any symptoms of Covid-19 and you are not self-isolating travel by foot, cycle or in your own car or by public transport - follow Scottish government guidance https://www.gov.scot/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-guidance-on- travel-and-transport remember handwashing before and after the walk. Carry and use hand sanitiser, carry mask, tissues and dispose of litter at home. Maintain social distancing, avoid facing others especially whilst talking and adopt respiratory hygiene measures https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public avoid sharing personal equipment such as binoculars and hand lens carry your own lunch and small first aid kit carry a mobile phone – charged and switched on

It is essential that members register to take part to avoid disappointment – please let us know if you wish to cancel. Once the maximum number is reached any extra people will be turned away. Where appropriate groups will be split and have additional leaders.

Sign-in information will be kept by ENHS for 1 month to assist with contact tracing. Remember to let us know if you become a contact in the following few days – if you are asked to self-isolate you will be given information about which of your recent contacts are at risk.

The Basics


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Leader: Dorothy Lyle.

map showing location of venue