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Leader: Laura Goble (Community Woodland Ranger) / Pauline King

Lord Ancrum’s Wood is next to Newbattle Abbey College, about 7 miles (11.3 km) south of Edinburgh on the B703 between Eskbank and Newtongrange. A bridge leads into the wood from the college grounds. The entrance to the college is at grid reference NT331658. There’s a network of good paths to explore, mostly gravel-surfaced with short steep slopes.

Trees have been growing on the banks of the South Esk river for thousands of years, leaving us with a rich environment that’s full of wildlife. Visit in spring and smell the drifts of wild garlic, watch for nuthatches clinging to the tree trunks, or enjoy the stark shapes of the fine old trees in winter. Next door stands Newbattle Abbey College.

Check advice page for field trip guidelines. Consider carrying a stick/trekking pole to help negotiating some rough ground or when leaving a path.


Pauline King

The outing was led by Laura Goble the Community Woodland Ranger, who asked for a record of as many finds as possible to help with her educational work at Newbattle Abbey College. Trees are not noted and birds* were recorded the previous week when Laura led an RSPB outing. Fewer insects than may have been expected at this time of year were observed, it was only 10 degrees most of the day with only glimpses of sunshine. We also have a challenge of 150 species for our 150th anniversary…….. and we are returning here on the 5th October with the Fungus Group SES for a joint outing followed by anniversary celebration tea. One of our members remembered studying at the college in the 1970s and having grown up in Easthouses remembered many of the specimen trees in the formal grounds which sadly are no longer are standing. 1Wood Sedge, Carex sylvatica . 2Remote Sedge carex remota . 3Wood ruff, gallium odoratum. 4Wood sanicle, sanicula europaea. 5Wood sorrels, 6Greater stichwort . 7Wood melick grass, melica uniflora. a slender drooping grass which grows in ancient woodlands. 8 Great wood rush . 9Wood Avens. 10Water Avens 11Pig- nut, conopodium majus.. 12Wood speedwell. 13 violet . 14Vine weevil , otiorhynchus salcatus. 15Snail , ena obscura. A felled lime tree branch sprouting from every node sparked some discussion as healthy growth must have survived long enough prior to logging in order to be able to put down roots. (GSW. Nuthatch Chiffchaff . Pair of bullfinch, Song Thrush, Wren. Dipper. Blackbird, coal tit.) 24 25 Micromoths - micropterix tunbergella. 26 Chironimid (non-biting midge) 27Andrena Scotica Chocolate mining bee, and 28Orange tailed Mining bee, A. haemorrhoa Plus 3 bumble bee species including white tailed and common carder bee and red tailed 31 5 ! yes 5 Ladybirds:- kidney spot ladybird, chilocorus renipustulatus. Pine, Orange, Cream, 7 Spot 36 Butterfly – Orange tip and Speckled Wood 38 39 Opposite leaved saxifrage, 40Angelica,41 honeysuckle 42gooseberry.43 Ramsomes. 44 Garlic mustard. 45Comfrey. 46snowberry . 47Dogs mercury, 48 Bird foot trefoil, lotus corniculatus. 49 meadowsweet , filipendula ulmaria. 50 Broad buckler fern, dryopteris dilatata. 51Enchanter’s nightshade, circaea lutetiana. 52Hogweed. 53 Herb Robert, geranium robertianum. 54 Broad leaved dock, 55 Red campion, 56Hedge woundwort, stachys sylvatica. 57Lesser periwinkle . Unfortunately,58 few flowered leek appears to be spreading 59 Hairy tare, viscia hirsute. 60 cisely, myrrhis odorata. 61 Bush vetch, vicia sepium. 62Septum golden rod. 63Wood cranesbill, geranium sylvaticum. 64Broom . 65Rosebay willow herb, chamerion angustifolium. 66 Thale cress, Arabidopsis thaliana.67 Raspberry and 68Rib wort plantain, plantago lancelota. 69 Burdock. 70Coltsfoot, tussilago farfara. 71Common horsetail, equistetum arvense. 72.One gilled fungus - panaeolina foenisecli . Nearly half way to our total count target – maybe we should have included the trees.

The Basics

Lord Ancrum's Wood

Newbattle Abbey College follow signs to public car park

Leader: Laura Goble.

Assistant Leader: Pauline King.



map showing location of venue