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David Long is well-known to the Edinburgh Natural History Society. He is passionate about the wildlife and the growing sculptures on his land.

A general easy walk of under 5 miles.

Check advice page for field trip guidelines. Consider carrying a stick/trekking pole to help negotiating some rough ground or when leaving a path.

Directions – take the A697 Greenlaw to Carfraemill road. At Pyatshaw there is a signpost to Spottiswoode and picnic area, this road is on the right if heading north and on the left if driving south. Drive through the big stone archway and follow this road for about 2km, you will come to a second archway which is covered with ivy, take the right hand fork immediately before the arch and cottage, drive down the un-tarred road, you will come to an entrance ahead with 2 eagles, Eagle Hall, turn left just before this entrance then keep right, after a few meters you will come to a large cobbled area in front of Spottiswoode House, park here. NT60274991 TD3 6NQ although I will be surprised if a sat nav takes you to Spottiswoode House.

The Basics


Spottiswoode House Car sharing from Sherrifhall Park and Ride, be ready to set off at 9.30am.

Leader: David Long.

Assistant Leader: Jean Long.



map showing location of venue