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Terms & Conditions

We'd like to keep this simple. Our philosophy is that we don't intend to harm anyone, and we don't expect anyone to harm us.

This web site, and all the web sites that we create and/or publish are copyright © Edinburgh Natural History Society.

All images on our web site are either the property of Edinburgh Natural History Society or have been provided by others for use only on this site. They are not offered for free use by any other person or organisation. If you wish to licence the use of an image, just get in touch with us by emailing info@edinburghnaturalhistorysociety.org.uk and we’ll try to put you in touch with the owner.

Our database holds content that is the result of many years of toil, and the task of keeping it up to date involves a lot of ongoing work. Databases are protected under copyright law, and we assert our right to protect our investment - we will be very upset if you copy our non-personal data without our written permission. If you would like to use our data, please contact us and we'll be happy help and, for commercial uses, to provide a competitive quote. The copying and use of personal data is not permitted under any circumstances.

We will never intentionally invade anyone’s privacy. If you are unhappy about any reference to yourself or about appearing in any images on this web site, please let us know and we will do our best to resolve your concerns.

We attempt to comply with all laws and regulations that affect our web. We believe that we comply with all aspects of regulations on the use of cookies. For more details, refer to our cookie policy. By registering as a member, or as a user of our web site, you consent to our use of cookies.

If you believe that your identity has been misused anywhere in this web, let us know about that too and we’ll try to sort things out.

This is an independent web site. Edinburgh Natural History Society have no connection with any organisations named within this web other than in the context of normal activities. Information contained in this web site may have been contributed by the relevant organisation, or it may have been obtained indirectly from other publicly available sources. It is intended for use only as a general guide and you should not rely upon it. We have made every reasonable effort to verify the accuracy of the information we publish. However, because organisations can and do make changes to the way they operate, we cannot accept any liability for incorrect, out of date, or otherwise erroneous information. It is especially important that, if travelling a distance to a location, you must verify any important information.

Edinburgh Natural History Society have no connection with any other organisation with a similar name or domain name.