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Edinburgh’s City Nature Challenge – 30th April 2022


birds on beach

As part of the City Nature Challenge 2022, Edinburgh Natural History Society and the Scottish Wildlife Trust Lothians group are running a series of events to celebrate the city’s nature in its variety of habitats from the hills to the coast. On Saturday morning, we will meet at Red Moss of Balerno, between 07:00-10:00, to look at the habitats and wildlife of the Pentlands. Hundreds of species can be seen there. It is always a joy to find a sundew in the bogs, but will we be hearing a cuckoo? We will meet again from 14:00-16:00 @ Johnston Terrace, when we will be turning our attention to the nature present at the heart of our city, looking at the wildlife of the reserve, and around the streets of Edinburgh Castle. Some of which is boldly colonising the cracks and crevasses of our pavements. We will end our day at Wardie Bay – meeting there at 18:00 initially for some fish and chips and then focusing on the coastal wildlife along the beach front at low tide. We will see limpets, algae, crabs, but what else? All are welcome The only requirement for this day is a desire to discover the wildlife of this city by opening your eyes and ears to what is around us. Members of the ENHS and SWT Lothians will be sharing their observations throughout the day. If you are a keen naturalist too, please come and share your passion and knowledge with us all. When observing nature, naturalists do not walk far or fast as there is too much to wonder about, so dress appropriately for the terrain and the weather. We are certainly looking forward to this day of discovery. From experience we know that the more you look, the more you see. Nick (Warren) and Sarah (Adamson) Contact number - 07737496746 Co-organised and hosted by the Edinburgh Natural History Society and the Scottish Wildlife Trust Lothians group. Photo Sarah Adamson

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